Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is designed as a textbook for management students specializing in marketing. The book discusses various digital media and analyses how the field of marketing can benefit from them.
This book is divided into four sections. The first section, Marketing in the Digital Era, starts with an overview of e-marketing followed by the online marketing mix in the digital framework. It then discusses the role of theonline consumer followed by CRM strategies that organizations can use with the help of the digital medium to retain and grow customer relationship. The second section, Business Drivers in the Virtual World, deals with the realm of social media followed by online branding, building traffic, Web business models, and e-commerce. The third section, Online Tools for Marketing, deals with various Web tools for building consumer engagement, content management, campaign management, consumer segmentation, and building market influence. Finally, the fourth section, The Contemporary Digital Revolution, deals with the world of online co-creation communities and offers in-depth discussion on Facebook marketing in addition to other Web-based tools for marketing.
Numerous examples, exhibits, case studies, and illustrations have been included to help students assimilate the concepts better. Each chapter contains a set of concept review questions and critical thinking questions to test the knowledge gained. A section on practicing digital marketing at the end of every chapter attempts to take the student to the real-world scenario.

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